Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan

3 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 7 KILL VALLEY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN I t was 1913 when Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan began operations in the Terwilliger General Store in Wallkill New York. Since that time, they have continued to honor the original goals of promoting thrift and homeownership within the communities they serve. In 1950, the bank moved to a stand- alone location, continuing to operate as a single branch until 2011, when a second location was opened in Milton, New York. In 2016, Wallkill Valley Federal brought on four more branches through a merger with Walden Federal Savings and Loan. That growth has continued, and today Wallkill Valley Federal Savings and Loan has 19 branches throughout New York’s Hudson Valley. President & CEO since 2011, Michael J. Horodyski has been pivotal in Wallkill Valley Federal’s growth. He shares, “The idea of the branching was really to bring community banking to other communities, because we do things a little differently than big banks. We look at the person. I always say, give me a good story and, with some support from the financials, we can probably make something work. We were lucky to be able to bring that to other communities in Southern Ulster and Northern “Not Just a Bank… An Experience”