River Front Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

2 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 7 “What’s in a name?” For Bill McSkimming, Owner and President of River Front Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in North Aurora, Illinois, the answer is simple. A lot. When McSkimming purchased the River Front dealership in 1989 it was actually located along a river and sold Chryslers and Plymouths. Even though they no longer sit on that riverfront property, after building an updated 36,000 square foot facility on a new five-acre parcel of land in 1996, it was worth it to retain the name River Front due to the quality relationships formed with generations of customers at the River Front Chrysle Evolving in automotive excellence original North Aurora location. Over time, Plymouth has been replaced in the showroom and Jeep, Dodge, and Ram have been added to McSkimming’s stable of vehicles. Throughout all of those departures and additions, the River Front name has remained. And while some people are satisfied just sitting back and waiting for customers to walk in, that isn’t McSkimming’s style. In fact, he just purchased a piece of land and they are developing the plans now to build a commercial truck center for Ram Trucks just down the road from the River Front store.