Portage, Michigan

12 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 7 new schools. It’s also close to a park and a lake. Randall explains, “We would like to take an active role in attainable, affordable housing. We are trying to uplift this whole corridor. We think it would be a perfect opportunity to build workforce housing so that people who work in Portage can live in Portage.” City and county representatives have been meeting twice a month, and professionals attend gratis, lending their expertise and services from utilities to designers to landscape architects. This effort on workforce housing is a new concept for Portage, and the city’s leadership is committed to maximizing all available programs and gathering input from the community to ensure demand is met. Mayor Randall says, “I want to continue to make Portage affordable for as many groups as we can. I would like us to be known for being inclusive. I just want Portage to be known as a safe haven for everyone. We have the support of the council. PORTAGE , MI CHIGAN