Epcon Industrial Systems

2 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 7 “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” While following the advice of this aphorism is one path, a growing number of top performing businesses in the world know that there is another option. Based just north of Houston, Texas, Epcon Industrial Systems designs and builds heat recovery systems for companies to reuse the heat they generate in the manufacturing process to enhance performance, improve energy efficiency, and streamline costs. And they have been doing it for 45 years. The story begins in 1977 with Aziz Jamaluddin, Epcon founder, CEO and Chief Engineer. After beginning an engineering and EPC contract for a 55-gallon steel drum manufacturing plant in Houston, the company he worked for at the time went out of business. As the lead project engineer, Jamaluddin was encouraged by the facility owner to create his own company to complete the project. Jamaluddin did and the rest is history. Epcon Industrial Systems achieved immediate success. The Sharney Container job opened a number of doors for the company. Potential clients were able to tour their completed site and witness firsthand the success of the installation. This enabled Epcon to secure new orders for additional projects and established them as players in the industry. They built a reputation for successfully developing one-of-a- kind systems. Nearly all of those early projects resulted in patentable designs. Customers sought out Jamaluddin to develop “uncommon solutions for uncommon applications” and that continues… EPCON INDUST B R I N G O N T H E H E A T