University Airport

PREFERRED VENDOR/ PARTNER n Visit Davis Davis has that small city feel but with a world- class university at its core, it is always engaging for locals and visitors alike. Whether on business or for pleasure, explore a diverse culinary culture, natural attractions, art galleries and retail stores as well as one of the top Farmers Markets in the nation. With more than 100 miles of bikeable pathways, it is easy to navigate and get around. Vibrant and diverse, Davis always has something going on. plan for the next 20 years. “We are focusing both on what we can do now and how to develop into the future,” says Eggleston. “The immediate projects are all lined up, but I hope that we can get into some serious talks with a variety of types of companies in the next few years. So that is our goal. To bring someone in who can help us develop the airport to make it much more aligned with our academic mission of teaching and also to help us head in the direction of the future. This really is a gem of an airport – but it has the potential to be so much more.”