J. Carlson Services Inc.

updates. FTTH’s bright future is also shining a light on JCS’s future, as the company eyes continued growth in the rural FTTH market. This growth led to Carlson starting a construction company that provides construction works for JCS and other fiber optic companies. On his plans for JCS going forward, Carlson is quite clear. “We are currently doing $7 million in revenue, and my wish is for the company to grow to 10 or 12 million dollars over the next five years,” he asserts. “I would also like to see the construction company flourish in its own right.” On a non-financial note, he wants every employee to understand the sacrifices made to give them the current company. “They have benefits like paid vacations and 401k, and I would want them to know some people were watching out for their future,” he says. “Maybe one day they’ll look back and say, I’m glad that company did that for me.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n FS3 Inc. www.FS3INC.biz FS3 Inc. was formed in 2003 to serve the Utility Marketplace and their related contractors.  We maintain extensive inventory of a wide variety of products and we are able to supply items for bid projects as well.  With over 100 years of experience, our team can help you, too!