Letcher County, Kentucky

PREFERRED VENDOR n Eastern Telephone & Technologies www.ettky.com lot of industry – an outlet for employment,” Back continues. “The other aspect in which this will help relates back to the Airbnbs. We know from our involvement with Teleworks USA that there are a lot of people in the country who work from home for large companies, such as Google, or Apple, and they have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Many of them enjoy the outdoors, so they’ll move to remote areas like ours and rent an Airbnb for the summer months, so they can be close to hiking, biking, and the lakes. The Red River Gorge here in Kentucky, down around Powell County, is huge for that. There are millions of tourists that come every year just to climb those rocks. They’ll stay for months on end and continue to work from home, basically, working from their campsite. That’s part of what we want to help attract here, too. Developing our high-speed internet infrastructure would allow us to market that, and to bring in that avenue of tourism. Not just your weekend warriors looking to do a hike – we’re talking sustainable tourism.” Judge Executive Adams promises a lot of new and exciting things revolving around tourism and general infrastructure are on the agenda for the future, stating “We’re reaching out to folks in these industries to come to Letcher County.”