Peak Utility Services Group

Fruition With the operating companies combined within the Peak platform, Pickett elaborates on the future of the Company: “Our long-term aspirations are to continue to find and partner with great operating companies that share our values, culture, vision for growth, and to continue to broaden our ability to serve more customers in new geographies.” One portion of their business plan is to identify companies that fit into the platform and add value in the existing footprint, as well as those in other states that could add to the brand portfolio and provide additional knowledge and resources. Pickett refers to the strategy as “Buy and Build.” Changes in service offerings are having a considerable impact on the future of the business. Track and Kelly are currently installing deep fiber, and Kelly is pioneering 5G deployment in New Mexico to meet the new demands for internet speed and capacity requirements. Over the next 5-7 years, it’s estimated the U.S. will invest $130- $150 billion in the broadband fiber network to support increased speed and capacity, as well as increasing broadband availability to rural areas, and for residential and commercial customers in urban areas. In the electric utility market, Peak has seen its customers push to move overhead lines underground. Both new and existing communities are utilizing various methods to keep electric lines out of sight, reducing the maintenance cost in hurricane, wildfire, and high wind areas, and allowing for cleaner sight lines and views. First generation conductors are also being replaced PREFERRED VENDOR n Kenworth Sales Company as they age out of capacity and condition, which increases the work in redevelopment and reconstruction of electric utilities. Peak will continue to focus its efforts on expanding the replacement of underground electric conductors. When asked about the future of Peak, Pickett shares, “There is a greater need for our services than our current ability to provide them. It’s an enviable position. Given our reputation, our company culture, and the technical training that is our focus for creating a high-quality, skilled labor force, we continue to hire new employees to meet the emerging needs of our existing and future customers. The leadership team and financial strength of Orix Capital Partners has allowed us to accelerate the maturation of the platform with respect to governance, systems, processes, and integration. With an overabundance of opportunities, we are poised to make small and large acquisitions to optimize our growth. Working hard to improve the customer experience is the key to our success.”