KOOLJET and we’re presently trying out another store in Houston, Texas. We’re very confident our units will meet all the requirements and perform to their expectations, and then we’re looking to have our refrigeration equipment in all their stores.” BVM: How do you foresee the future of Kooljet? Wasir: “There is vast potential in this industry. Global warming is kind of a mixed blessing for us. One of our challenges is what to pick and what not to pick. The opportunities are so vast. Every commodity, such as fish or produce, has its own season. So, it might be a lean time in winter, but come spring and summer everyone needs their freezer units at the same time. Then we work overtime, day and night, to produce those orders.” Occhicone: “We moved to the new facility by design, by choice, and we’re looking in the next couple of years to grow and transform the company, while maintaining the core values and quality our customers have come to expect from us. Our future looks bright; we’re very excited about where we’re going. Growing a company is not without pain and challenges but we’re prepared to face those challenges and bring on the additional resources that are needed. We’re well positioned; KoolJet is a young company, but we have a core base and we’re looking forward to the opportunities that will bring us to a whole new level.”