Great River Industries

L ocated at mile marker 360 on the Mississippi River, Great River Industries (GRI) is a recognized leader in specialized manufacturing, fabrication, and construction services in the Gulf coast region, Texas, and across the United States. Thanks to its strategic site on a deep water channel, GRI has access to any port across the globe. The number 360 represents more than a geographical reference point; it’s part of this innovative company’s 360° Solution used to approach every project. As a comprehensive, single-source provider, with ASME engineering expertise and state- of-the-art techniques, GRI ensures all work is completed on time and on budget, meeting the highest-quality standards. From a company culture standpoint, GRI embodies the priorities in its motto “People. Safety. Execution.” Great River Industries is a fully-integrated and qualified field construction company with capabilities ranging from building new API-650 storage tanks, to repairing tanks to API-653, to specialty plant maintenance, ASME/API code shop- built tanks and vessels, ASME pipe fabrication and installation, and 24-HR Emergency maintenance. According to Adam Bourgeois, VP of Sales at GRI, “The company was founded Jan. 1, 2014. GRI’s owners wanted to get into the Gulf coast region, so they came down to Natchez, Mississippi, bought a company and its facility, and renamed it Great River Industries in 2014.” The company’s head office and shop is in Natchez, with another construction office in Gonzales, Louisiana, and an office in Sugarland, Texas that handles most of the engineering, in- house. Employee numbers vary from 200 to 300, depending on the workload, which is spread out among private entities in many industry sectors – oil and gas, petrochemicals, power and process, water and wastewater, pulp and paper, food and beverage. The projects are very large scale with different degrees of complexity. Nothing is handed out on a stainless steel platter; GRI has to submit bids, turn in proposals, and go through contract GREAT RIVER INDUSTRIES People, safety, execution