LITO (Sora Motorcycles)

LITO (SORA MOTORCYCLES) LITO (Sora Motorcycles) CREATING THE WAVE W e have all seen electric cars, and many of the more exotic car companies are even making luxury elec- tric racers and roadsters. But what about an electric motorcycle? LITO out of Quebec, Canada is domi- nating the field with its luxury bike. LITO spent two and a half years testing prototypes before releasing the first Sora in 2014, which features an electronically adjustable seat that converts the cruiser to a sportier café racer. The bike also has a continuously variable transmission and a re- generative braking system that allows it to recover power during stop-and-go driving. The Sora is all torque –70 ft. lbs at the motor, to be exact, delivered instantaneously, which allows it go from zero to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds.Without the rattle of an internal combustion engine, the Sora delivers a smoother ride that is more stable than a standard gas-powered cruiser in turns and at high speeds. The hand-assembled 18 kWh lithium-ion battery, which can be charged via a standard household electrical outlet, produces 90 kW. The bike can reach over 120 mph and has a range of 100 highway miles and 180 miles around town.With a chassis made AT A GLANCE LITO (SORA MOTORCYCLES) WHAT: A manufacturer of electric motorcycles WHERE: Longueuil, Quebec WEBSITE: