Geospatial Information & Technology Association

F or the past four years, I have had the honor of serv- ing as the President of the Geospatial Information & Technology Association, N.A. (GITA). As my colleagues in various trade or industry associations may attest, there are challenges and triumphs in working to build and maintain any industry association. Through these challeng- es, I have been assisted by a capable and dedicated core of volunteer board members, and a talented executive staff. The team has been able to not only keep GITA “alive” during some se- rious headwinds, but to actually thrive and remain relevant within the geo- spatial community. I was pleased to be offered an opportunity to share some of GITA’s history and vision with the readers of Business View Magazine. History: In the late 1960s, a group from Public Service Company of Colorado was among the first to develop an automated mapping/facilities manage- ment system. It was revolutionary for its time and provided GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION A message from President Mark E. Limbruner GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION MARK E. LIMBRUNER PRESIDENT