Coastal Carolina Regional Airport

and some aircraft aprons have been rehabilitat- ed and work on one-half of the general aviation ramp has been completed. Bids have taken place to update the remaining portion. “We consider that the front door to our business community,” says Shorter. “So after rehabbing taxiways and aprons last year, what we’re going to move into this year, I consider a transformational project, and that’s the air carrier apron.We are not just going to rehabilitate it, but expand it as well.” Future plans also include extending one run- way even further to handle the larger planes being used by regional carriers and refurbishing the smaller, crosswind runway that’s heavily used and Runway Visual Range instrumentation sys- tems, refurbishing the air traffic control tower, and building an Airport Rescue and Firefighting facility are also on tap. “Right now, our aircraft rescue-firefighting facilities are distributed and barely adequate” notes Shorter. “We’re going to build one facility, so we can keep it all in one place and increase our efficiency on that front.” “With capital projects, it’s kind of left foot, right foot, but it takes both of them to move forward,”he adds.“We’re doing transactional projects to main- tain FAA and state-required airport standards,while at the same time we’re making transformational changes to move to the next level of what the com- mercial air carrier industry is going to show us.” COASTAL CAROLINA REGIONAL AIRPORT PREFERRED VENDORS n International Paper Company International Paper Company was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The company oper- ates as a paper and packaging company primarily in North America, Europe, Latin America, North Africa, India, and Russia. It operates through three segments: Industrial Packaging, Global Cellulose Fibers, and Printing Papers. The Industrial Packaging segment manufactures contain- erboards, including linerboard, medium, whitetop, recycled linerboard, recycled medium, and saturating kraft. The Global Cellulose Fibers segment provides fluff, market, and specialty pulps that are used in absorbent hygiene products, tissue and paper products, and non-absorbent end applications. The Printing Papers segment produces printing and writing papers, such as uncoated papers for end use applications, including brochures, pamphlets, greeting cards, books, annual reports, and direct mail, as well as envelopes, tablets, busi- ness forms, and file folders. This segment sells uncoated papers under the Hammermill, Springhill, Williamsburg, Postmark, Accent, Great White, Chamex, Ballet, Rey, Pol, and Svetocopy brand names. The company sells its products directly to end users and converters, as well as through agents, resellers, and paper distributors. n Carolina GSE, Inc. We are a global distributor, repair, and service center of aviation ground support equipment (GSE).With our dedication, personal service, and knowledge, our team is ready to build a personal relationship for new purchases and continue to support your GSE in the future with spare parts and first class service.