BESTBATH To view the full collection of Seachrome shower seats, please visit: In applications like hospitals, institutions, assisted living and healthcare facilities where ADA compliance is a must, Seachrome shower seats rise to the challenge. Our exclusive, patented new Lift-Assist Technology not only aligns with ADA standards mandating that seats require less than five pounds of force to lift – it also makes Seachrome shower seats easier to lift than other options on the market. By choosing Seachrome, you can rest assured that you’re getting total ADA compliance across our full line of shower seats. LIFT WITH EASE. SPECIFY WITH CONFIDENCE. ADA compliance meets ease of use with new Lift-Assist Technology from Seachrome. has doubled its revenue over the past several years, it has maintained operations within the same footprint, a testament to the company’s efficiency - maintaining a low overhead by not building out inventory. The firm builds to order, standard or customized, with the fastest lead times in the industry. This lean construction allows for delivery when needed, as well, to the benefit of its partners. Megan gives an example of just-in-time delivery, “We can deliver showers to a commer- cial project a floor at a time.” Megan and Jay attribute the company’s success to its found- ing ethos. Jay explains, “We want to continue the legacy of this family-owned company. Megan and I are second gen- eration and we owe a lot of the success of the business to family. Designing a shower with our grandmother in mind is why we exist in the first place.Next, it’s because we want to improve lives and empower people, from our staff to our communi- ty, customers, end user, or even third-party influencer.” By linking the company’s health to employee wellness, Bestbath creates a symbiotic relationship between its peo- ple and their products. Megan PREFERRED VENDOR n Seachrome delves into the concept: “We feel very strongly that all our employees deserve a living wage. From the person who has worked here for 40 years, to the one who has been here four days, we want to make sure they feel as strongly about this organization as we do. That’s one of the reasons why we see a low number of manufacturing de- fects. Everyone knows that if something goes out the door, or beyond their department with a defect in it, all that does is detract from our bottom line. So, effectively we have 170 employees focused on the bottom line.And we take our profit sharing very seriously.That is howwe ensure everymember of the organization is committed to a company that is healthy, financially, and with a healthy pipeline.” Looking toward the future, the end goal is to keep the business a family business.With the eldest of the next generation in her teens,Megan and Jay have time to continue their and their father’s work. Megan shares company’s current projections.“We have a goal of $50 million in five years.That’s tan- gible, easily accessible, and we’re on track to be able to do that.We’re continuing to focus on the home renovation market out there,which is a $314 billion industry. Bathrooms are about eight percent of that.” When it comes to the future of the brand, she adds,“We’d like to be the shower of choice for people renovating their homes. So we’re focused on finding the appropriate partners to do that.Whether it’s an individual business owner who does seven to eight houses a year, or larger companies that cover multiple states, we’d like to be their product of choice.” We’d like to be the shower of choice for people renovating their homes. So we’re focused on finding the appropriate partners to do that. MEGAN MULTANEN, CO-OWNER AND CHIEF SALES OFFICER