Perrysburg, Ohio

PERRYSBURG, OHIO Together as one AT A GLANCE PERRYSBURG, OHIO WHAT: An inclusive suburb of Toledo; population 25,000 WHERE: Wood County, Ohio WEBSITE: I f there is one word that illustrates what the City of Perrysburg, Ohio strives for, it would be inclusivity. Whether it takes the shape of how the community does business, how elected officials manage growth, or how children of all abilities play, inclusivity is something the City of Perrysburg is always looking to be better at and it will continue to be a main objective. Nestled in Northwest Ohio’s Wood County, the growing community of Perrysburg pays homage to its past while forging forward to embrace what lies ahead. Since its founding in 1816, Perrysburg was known as a bedroom suburb of Toledo but the city has come into its own. About 25,000 people reside in Perrysburg, yet it continues to foster a small, hometown feel that makes people who visit feel like they’ve come home. According to Mayor Tom Mackin, “Given the expansion that has occurred over the last number of years, Perrysburg is now, in a lot of ways, its own independent community. Growth has occurred