Neubourg Healthcare Inc.

F oot care is one of the most essential, yet least attended to, aspects of healthcare. For most people, their feet only become a focal point when a serious issue arises. neubourg healthcare Inc., a revolutionary foot care technology company, is challenging this flawed perspective. Originally from Germany, the company is expanding into North America with an innovative suite of foot care products and technologies that they believe can significantly impact foot health care in the region. Leading the charge is founder and managing partner Dr. Thomas Neubourg, alongside co-founder and co-managing partner Michael Löfvall. The duo has positioned the company to unlock the North American market’s potential, something they believe will give millions access to its breakthrough foot care products and technologies. While the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down these ambitious plans, the company sees this not just as a temporary setback but also an opportunity to rebuild and reengineer their business plan in a way that leverages technology and capitalizes on the emerging post- pandemic business environment. Neubourg’s story begins in Emsdetten, Germany, in 1998, when the elder Neubourg, Fritz Neubourg, had the vision to create foam creams for foot care. He founded Allpresan® GmbH to market this revolutionary product in Germany and throughout Europe. Dr. Thomas Neubourg, the younger family member, soon joined the company and eventually became the sole managing partner in 2016 when Fritz Neubourg retired. “Besides growing the local business, I was also focused on growing our international business,” says Dr. Neubourg. Around neubourg healthcareInc. SERIOUS ABOUT FOOT CARE