Anniston Regional Airport

W alking through the quaint brick downtown of Anniston, Alabama, one could be excused for slipping back into another era of Main Street USA. A small city with a daytime population just over 37,000, Anniston almost seems poised for larger things. Just as modern structures tower over the turn of the century brick, the Anniston Airport lies waiting in the wings as well. “Honestly, we’re dealing with a huge airport infrastructure that’s treated as a general aviation airport,” reports David Arnett, Public Works Director/Airport Manager. “We have over 600 acres of land left to develop and I would like to get the fullest use out of our 139 certification as possible. And whatever it takes to get there is what we want to do. There is just so much potential there.” A part 139 Airport certification allows for use by larger seat capacity air carriers. Anniston Airport has what it takes to bring in larger commercial flights. Conveniently located near Interstate 20, highways 431, 21, and 78, the Anniston Regional Airport is just 80 miles north of Montgomery, 55 miles east of Birmingham, and 80 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia. With an asphalt runway 7,002 feet by 150 feet and over 500,000 square feet of paved apron and seal Regional Airport