The Yakima Air Terminal

package deliveries here within the valley where businesses continue to grow. “We have a few other businesses that have expanded at the Airport. We have Reno’s on the Runway – they lease a 1,450-sq.-ft. building, which is actually Northwest Airline’s original terminal building from the 1930s. They renovated it and now they have a restaurant. This makes the third restaurant on the Airport. We have WaterFire; we have Kyoto’s right across the street that’s leasing some property on the Airport; and now Reno’s on the Runway. “We have two more businesses – Castle Coffee, which is adjacent to the terminal building. That person is developing a coffee stand. Everybody in Washington likes their coffee. Finally, Food Facility Engineering is a manufacturing and engineering corporation that develops and helps engineer cold storage facilities throughout the United States. They’ve been housed here in Yakima ever since they were born and they’re looking to expand. They’re renovating approximately 4,300 square feet of the second floor terminal building, which used to be the old restaurant. They’re going to turn that into their main operations office. It’s a great addition to have them here at the Airport. So, for a small airport, we’re growing pretty good.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Airlift Northwest After a tragic house fire in Sitka, Alaska, claimed the lives of three children, Dr. Michael Copass, then medical director of emergency services at Harborview Medical Center and Medic One in Seattle, founded the region’s first air medical transport service in 1982. His mission was to provide the highest level of critical care wherever and whenever it was needed. As a not-for-profit service of UW Medicine, Airlift Northwest continues to be guided by that same founding passion to provide lifesaving care, especially in rural areas with limited access to emergency services. It puts into flight the latest discoveries, best training, and cutting edge technology. Its core belief is that all people deserve high-quality critical care no matter where they live. They operate out of eight bases throughout Washington and Southeast Alaska, and work closely with local first responders and hospitals to transport 3,600 patients annually. Airlift Northwest’s helicopters and airplanes are flying ICUs. They use equipment onboard that is typically only available in the best hospitals, including cardiac balloon pumps, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), neonatal isolettes, and blood and plasma that has been proven to increase survival rates. CWU Class Visit to Yakima