The Yakima Air Terminal

THE YAK IMA A I R TERMINAL -MCALL I STER F I ELD with Spokane International Airport for one of their classes. We went there to do a tour of their facilities, back in May. It was a good opportunity to get those students exposed to the aviation industry and allow us to meet the future demands for professional pilots, as well as mechanics.” Finally, Peterson reports on some of the growth experienced by various Airport tenants: “CubCrafters, which is the number two aircraft manufacturing plant in the State of Washington after Boeing, recently leased a 28,000-sq.-ft. hangar facility for a completion hangar. If you buy one of their kits, they help you do the final assembly of their aircraft in this facility. Then, you have the opportunity to fly your own aircraft out. So, it’s a wonderful addition to their facility. FedEx recently expanded their facility – parking- wise. Instead of flying the Cessna Caravans in, they have upgraded to an ATR-42 or a 72 aircraft. We’ve seen an increase in overnight in to see these unique World War II aircraft – we had a P-51, a P-40, a B-24, a B-17, and a B-25 here. It was amazing and well attended. “And then, this past fall, although it was not open specifically to the public, but to the aviation industry, was something called CubFest 2019, which is our aircraft manufacturing plant here in Yakima. They produce unique, two-seater aircraft that are known in the bush areas like Alaska where they fly into remote areas and can take off in a short distance. They were celebrating a 10th anniversary of the Carbon Cub. (The Carbon Cub is supplied as a kit for amateur construction.) We saw about 250 people attend that event. It was an opportunity to recognize all the hard work and efforts that they’ve done in their manufacturing line. “And we still do our outreach program for our Central Washington University Aviation division, where we provide various airport tours. We had the opportunity to coordinate a joint operation FedEx Facility