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Association for PACKAGING AND PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES (PMMI) “What ‘Good’ Looks Like in IIoT” By Sean Riley Senior Director, Media and Industry Communications, PMMI B ritish mathematician Clive Humby coined the phrase “Data is the new oil” in 2006 at a marketers summit at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. As the architect of one of the earliest reward cards for the U.K.’s Tesco supermarket chain, Humby further explained that the value of data is not fully appreciated until it is analyzed and broken down, just as crude oil needs refining into gas, plastic, etc. to attain its true worth. A little over a decade later, Humby’s statement has proven right, as the integration of systems and Big Data rivals Big Oil in scope and potential economic value.  AT A GLANCE ASSOCIATION FOR PACKAGING AND PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES (PMMI) WHAT: The leading global resource for the packaging and processing industry WHERE: Headquarters in Reston, VA WEBSITE: