The International Cast Polymer Association

ever, they are typicallymanufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished products. Solid surface can also be cast into a variety of shapes, includ- ing countertops, shower bases, and bathtubs. Solid surface products are available in colors and patterns including colored granules or specks that make the final product look like natural granite and stone. “And they are excellent products,which is why the demand for the product is growing.”Towner states, emphatically.“They’re beautiful, they’re strong, they’re resistant to chipping and staining; they don’t cost as much as natural stone; they’re easier to install; they’re much safer because there’s no grout; they’re mold resistant; they’re easy to clean.And some of the manufacturers are doing some gor- geous designs.” Towner also praises the Association members as hardworking and passionate about the products theymake.“There’s much friendship and support among members,” she says, in conclusion.“There are several cases where a plant owner will travel distances to go into another person’s plant to help themwith an issue or a problem and teach them how to make their product better, or how to stream- line their manufacturing systems, or to share a new software system that better integrates their process- es.The camaraderie and sharing of information are the greatest strengths of the Association.” The ICPA-Moving Forward with Forward Think- ing.