Lebanon, Pennsylvania

I nfused with charm and vivacity, the City of Leba- non, Pennsylvania–county seat of Lebanon Coun- ty–has much to offer its businesses and residents. Centrally located in the Lebanon Valley, 26 miles east of Harrisburg and 29 miles west of Reading, Lebanon was founded by European colonist George Steitz in 1740 and originally named Steitztown.The town was laid out in 1753, incorporated as a bor- ough in 1821, and became a city on November 25, 1885, at which time it adopted the commission form of government, consisting of four councilmen and a mayor. Today, the City of Lebanon is both a regional cen- ter of employment and a bedroom community,with a population of 25,770. Just over 2,000 residents live and work within the city and more than 8,700 commute into the city each day.Of the more than 13,000 residents who commute out of the city, 4,500 of themwork in Lebanon County. Primary work destinations beyond the County include Hershey, Philadelphia, Fredericksburg (this location is actu- ally located within the county, however, it should be noted a very large number of residents travel to their employment in this town), Harrisburg, and