Owen Sound, Ontario

Preferred vendors n Bruce Power www.brucepower.com Bruce Power is Canada’s first private nuclear generator, provid- ing 30 percent of Ontario’s power. Bruce Power Limited Partnership is composed of several corporations: TransCanada Corporation, BPC Generation Infrastructure Trust, the Power Workers Union, and the So- ciety of Energy Professionals. It is the licensed operator of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, locat- ed on the shores of Lake Huron, northwest of Toronto, between the towns of Kincardine and Saugeen Shores. It is the largest operat- ing nuclear plant in the world by output. Bruce power owns eight nu- clear reactors, which supply 6,300 megawatts of electricity to Ontario’s power grid. Bruce Power became the world’s largest operating nuclear facility in 2012, when Units 1 and 2 returned to operation after a multibillion-dol- lar refurbishment project. This achievement returned the site to full operating capacity for the first time in 17 years. The plant pro- vides over 4,000 full-time, direct jobs to highly skilled employees and thousands more indirectly, injecting billions of dollars into Ontario’s economy annually, while producing safe energy that produc- es zero carbon emissions. n Miller Waste Systems www.millergroup.ca (BAF). Provision has been made to incorpo- rate ultraviolet disinfection into the treatment system at a later date. Methane gas from the digester will be used as an energy source for heating the building. Because of Owen Sound’s proximity to Georgian Bay, it’s crucial that the system function well – for the health of the Bay and, by extension, the Great Lakes. Seeing the emphasis on this type of infra- structure development speaks volumes about municipal stability. Furness notes, “Industry looking to relocate likes the fact that our water and sewage treatment capacity is not limited, as it is in other communities. That’s a positive. And local residents want to know that Geor- gian Bay– the source of our drinking water – is protected.” Newcomers are often surprised to see a 5-sto- rey hospital; the breadth of retail; the vitality of the downtown; the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, a Senior Junior ‘A’ Attack Hockey team, the range of heritage assets; and, of course, the amazing Niagara Escarpment landscape. It’s this balance of history, natural geography, and modern vision that makes Owen Sound a truly remarkable place to live, to play, to work, and to invest. owen sound, ontario