Temiskaming Shores Northern Ontario

PREFERRED VENDOR/ PARTNER n CGV Group www.cgvgroup.ca n The Miller Group www.millergroup.ca Real estate is accessible, with a three-bedroom dwelling priced at $300,000, one-quarter of the cost for a similar house in Toronto. This enables home ownership, a prospect often unattainable among average earners in larger urban centers. The reasonable housing market contributes to a lifestyle where families own property and indulge in recreational activities. The financial feasibility of boating, snowmobiling, or ATVing adds to the region’s appeal. Temiskaming’s focus on assembling a workforce underscores a shift in priorities, with the emphasis now on inspiring employable persons to relocate. The city remains focused on providing a distinctive living experience marked by accessible real estate, recreational opportunities, and a vibrant spirit. Affordable industrial park land positions the astute community as a viable prospect for businesses seeking economic setups. Temiskaming Shores champions preserving its historical legacy while embracing future scenarios. 10 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 5, ISSUE 02