B&M Roofing

2 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 2 C elebrating 75 years in business this year, B&M Roofing continues forging a proud legacy of service to its valuable clients. Established in 1947 in Fort Collins, Colorado with just one truck to its name, B&M Roofing has since expanded to serve the majority of the state, as well as those surrounding it, by prioritizing quality customer service. Originally founded by John Blakeslee and Mike Michaels, B&M Roofing owes some of its early growth to strong connections within the immigrant community. “Michaels was a Polish immigrant, as was my grandfather, who was based in Casper and mostly building smaller commercial properties,” Scott Kawulok, Vice President of B&M Roofing, explains. “Through the immigrant network, he started using B&M Roofing to do a lot of the roofing on the buildings he was working on. Subsequently, my grandfather asked Michaels and Blakeslee if he could open up a second B&M Roofing outlet in Boulder. They said “yes” B&M ROOFING Satisfaction, quality, longevity