Village of Lemont, Illinois

for kayaking, swimming and fishing. We really want Lemont to be a recreation destination type of place, which would be unique here in Chicagoland.” Situated in Cook County in the Des Plaines River Valley, on the south bank of the Illinois and Michigan Canal, Lemont’s geographic location is unique because it sits deep in surrounding glacial uplands. Established in 1836, the village stands as one of the oldest American communities in northeastern Illinois. Its rich history stems from its role in transforming the northern region of the state from a sparsely settled frontier into an economic powerhouse with commercial, agricultural, and industrial industries that supplied Chicago and other areas with goods and services. The village was established due to the development of the Illinois & Michigan Canal and was nestled between valley bluffs to the southeast and the river to the north. The canal was constructed along the south side of the river in 1848 and V I LLAGE OF LEMONT , I LL INOI S Lemont’s historic downtown and residential districts grew between the canal and the valley walls, making it a very picturesque place to shop and relax. In 2016, the Lemont Downtown Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Indeed, Lemont’s downtown has a storied architectural heritage and many of the buildings have been and continue to be upgraded, restored to their original glory, and repurposed for business, mixed-use residential or residential apartment or condo units. Mayor Egofske reports, “Currently, there are historic buildings being updated and it has definitely come a long way. It is exciting to see what’s being built, to see a 60-unit apartment complex coming in on what’s basically empty land right in the heart of downtown. That’s going to really make the downtown get some density and we have The Forge park just to the east of it. I really think it’s going to come together and tie into our outdoor recreation.”