Village of Lemont, Illinois

A booming community that has maintained its small-town feel, the Village of Lemont, Illinois, is steadily becoming a recreation mecca for Millennials, young professionals, families, and entrepreneurs looking to join a strong, tight-knit community and enter an untapped market fuelled by energetic and active people. According to Jason Berry, the Village of Lemont Economic and Community Development Director, “We really focus on quality of life issues because that’s something that’s important to everyone, including businesses and retailers who want to know what kind of customers they may get and what kind of things to offer to the community. Some have even told me they don’t want to be part of a market, they want to be part of a community and that’s why they like being part of Lemont. I think that’s a big part of it, that people genuinely like being here.” Lemont has something for everyone, a plethora of unique restaurants with a variety of offerings, walking trails, bike trails, parks, waterways for water sports, skating, and so much more. Whether you like fast-paced adventures or a more laid-back lifestyle, Lemont has you covered with the longest zipline in North America and new paths to discover, a local brewery to sate your thirst, and a historic downtown to peruse. With new businesses AT A GLANCE VILLAGE OF LEMONT, ILLINOIS WHAT: A historic community; population 17,000 WHERE: Cook County, northeastern Illinois WEBSITE: e of nt, Illinois The ultimate recreation destination