Bold Construction

ction O EVERY HOME I n the center of North Carolina, exactly midway between the Appalachians and the coast, sits a charming college town that’s routinely ranked as one of the top places to live in the country – Chapel Hill. Home to the stunning University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus and a respectable resident population of 59,000, Chapel Hill is the epitome of the idyllic city, one otherwise known as the “Southern Part of Heaven”. Contributing to this utopia factor is Bold Construction, Chapel Hill’s premier custom home builder and luxury renovation specialist. In addition to building the highest quality projects in the Triangle region, the firm focuses on creating first-class client experiences that are as much about the custom-build process as they are about delivering an outstanding final product. Co-owned by best friends since pre-school, Chris Ehrenfeld (the Visionary) and Jason Dell (the Integrator), who graduated from building with Legos to building dream homes, Bold Construction’s longevity is a tribute both to the company’s organically-tuned management philosophy and, by natural extension, to Ehrenfeld and Dell’s solid relationship. “We came upon a system called the EOS – the Entrepreneurial Operating System – which is a small business system focusing on people and processes,” says Ehrenfeld. “It’s from a book called Traction, which states that the best kinds of companies always have two leaders: AT A GLANCE BOLD CONSTRUCTION WHAT: Premier custom home builder and luxury renovation specialist WHERE: Chapel Hill, North Carolina WEBSITE: