American Subcontractors Association (ASA)

Relations, about the Association’s importance to its members and issues facing the industry at large. The following is an edited version of our conversation. BVM: Can you share the history on ASA? Bright: “The organization was founded in 1966 in Washington, DC, that was our first, also our founding chapter. We then opened a chapter in Maryland and we now have chapters throughout the U.S. We were founded initially for advocacy reasons in representing both specialty contractors and suppliers. And one of the main reasons we were founded was in respect to prompt pay and payment issues for subcontractors. There’s a chain of process within the construction industry – owner, architect, general contractor, and then the subs, so that’s initially why we were founded. “Overall, we haven’t changed our mandate in the sense that we’re still the voice and the advocate for the subcontractor and the supplier. Some of the issues may have changed or we may be dealing with a lot more issues but, I hesitate to say it, we still have payment and contract issues that arise in the industry. So while we’ve been successful in that initial mandate, there is still work to be done around the country and every state is a bit different. And we’ve added on to what we do in the way of education and networking and other programs. “Our mission statement today is: ‘ASA promotes the rights and interests of subcontractors, specialty contractors, and suppliers by building strength in community through education, advocacy, networking, and professional growth.’ When ASA was founded it was initially an advocate and very much around that central issue of payment. Now we’re representing and promoting all interests but in a very collaborative and community-driven manner and our whole goal and our vision is ‘Better Construction Through Fair Construction’.” AMER I CAN SUBCONTRACTORS ASSOC I AT ION (ASA) Richard Bright, COO