Architectural Precast Innovations, Inc.

the pandemic’s effects. He shares, “We’re in central PA, and where the plant is located has been isolated, a very fortunate factor that has meant we’ve had almost no COVID-19 cases in our area. Nevertheless, we still took steps to help employees cope. At the beginning of the pandemic, we told our employees that if anyone was not comfortable coming to work, we would allow them to take time off without penalty. Several employees with immunocompromised children or elderly family members took up the offer.” Gazing into the future, Architectural Precast Innovations sees a bright future with expanding growth opportunities. “Technology is a major focus for us as we advance,” says Kratzer. “We recently invested in an RFID tracking system specific to the concrete industry, and we are planning to continue investing in similar technologies.” The company also recently switched from liquid dyes to granular dyes to keep in step with industry advancements and develop a more efficient manufacturing process. “We also plan to keep up with all our certifications, especially the changing PCI certification standards, which will make the certification process more rigorous,” says Kratzer. She believes keeping up with changing standards will mean that API will continue to meet and exceed the industry’s highest and most exacting standards. PREFERRED VENDOR n Lester R. Summers, Inc.