Architectural Precast Innovations, Inc.

manufacture a combination of structural and architectural precast concrete products,” says Stephen Kenepp, President and CEO of Architectural Precast Innovations. “However, our primary market niche is in high-end architectural precast concrete production.” API manufactures a wide range of products straddling structural and architectural applications. Its structural precast concrete products include beams, columns, insulated wall panels, shear walls, and floor and roof slabs. For its architectural products line, the company offers facades, finishes, replicas, column covers, wall panels, thin wall panels, and stairs and landings. Wall panels have the highest demand across the company’s product portfolio. According to Kristen Kratzer, Marketing Assistant at Architectural Precast Innovations, “Most of our work involves manufacturing custom wall panels, including thin wall panels. If it is a LEED-certified building, we’ll supply insulated wall panels.” For added aesthetics, the company offers a range of designs. ARCHI TECTURAL PRECAST INNOVAT IONS , INC . University of Pennsylvania-Tangen Hall. Philadelphia PA. Courtesy of David Glassofer President & CEO, Stephen Kenepp