Astro Chemical Company, Inc.

ASTRO CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. EPOXY SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS A stro Chemical Company, Inc. is a leading formulator and manufacturer of specialty epoxies and epoxy-related ma- terials. Astro supplies tailored solutions for customers in a variety of industries, primarily Power Generation, Electric Motors, Electronics, Composites, and for General Maintenance and Repair. Capabilities in custom epoxy formulation, specialty packaging, next-day dangerous goods shipping, combined with a product portfolio of over 400 formulations, give Astro Chemical the edge in providing exceptional value and service to over 1,200 custom- ers worldwide. The company was founded in 1959 byMalcolmM. Bard, a chemist with over twenty years of experience in specialty formulation. The company’s first formulated products were used in the manufac- ture and repair of large rotating machinery, such as electric motors and power generating equipment. Now celebrating its 60th an- niversary,Astro Chemical offers a wide variety of specialtymateri- als in four main classifications: adhesives, coatings, saturants, and encapsulants. The companymay be most widely known for its line of BARCO BOND general-purpose, epoxy adhesive systems. JayArnold,Vice President of Sales and Business Development, explains,“Over the decades, some technologies, such as small/me- dium sized electric motor have become commoditized, reducing the need for specialitymaterials; while in areas like large genera-