Astro Chemical Company, Inc.

reaching out to customers.“Making sure our cus- tomers are taken care of is the priority,” says Arnold. “We cast ourselves as materials experts that can sit at the table and support, and, sometimes, fill the materials engineering function for them.We belong to TRFA (Thermoset Resin Formulators Association), IEEE, SAMPE, and other trade groups for end-use materials, formulators,manufacturers, and we also network among our customers and suppliers. As manufacturing and engineering personnel whom we work with move around within and among industries, our relationship tends to follow.The customer is often our best window into the industry and being around for 60 years,we are fortunate to maintain a large number of contacts.” The key to Astro Chemical’s success comes down to relationships, acting as the extension to customers’ engineering capabilities, putting a special focus on making materials that are not available elsewhere, and giving customers exactly what they need, or perhaps don’t even know they need.Arnold ac- knowledges,“That only comes via working closely with the customer, and it reaches across all indus- tries we supply and support.We love being able to bring that type of value to our customers’ process. It drives us to do what we do.” PREFERREDVENDOR Glyptal, Inc.