Selfreliance Federal Credit Union

ederal Union W ith a home office in the heart of the Ukrainian Village on Chicago’s west side, and nine branch offices servicing areas in Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey, Selfreliance Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative whose purpose is to foster cooperation and support the community dimension of credit and investment. Chartered in 1951 to help members of the Ukrainian Diaspora – many of whom were political refugees at the time – strengthen their economic standing and advocate for what they deserved in America, Selfreliance has always been a distinct and unified voice for those who’ve put their trust and confidence in the credit union by opening an account. This year, Selfreliance celebrated its milestone 70th birthday, all while adhering to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. “A nice round number,” lauds Marketing Director Walter Tun. “We’d tend to do some type of bigger event to mark the occasion, but with social distancing and wanting to be conservative with this, we didn’t do too much.” Instead, they stepped up with a significant sponsorship (about $25,000) of a parade commemorating the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. “Ukrainian-Americans founded this institution 70 years ago and AT A GLANCE SELFRELIANCE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION WHAT: A long-standing credit union for local and ethnic communities WHERE: Metro Chicago, IL; New Jersey; Michigan WEBSITE: Fully invested in community