Davie, Florida

TOWN OF DAV I E , FLOR IDA in terms of interacting with our residents. We always respond the same day to a request for service, if we can, and take care of it as soon as possible. Keeping that home town feeling as you grow is difficult to do, but it’s still a goal and a priority of the town to maintain that relationship with our residents.” Davie is located in Broward County, about 24 miles north of Miami, and was initially incorporated in the 1920s but disbanded after it was ravaged by a hurricane in 1926, which only added to the economic problems the state was already experiencing ahead of the Great Depression. The town reincorporated in 1961 and was mainly a rural equestrian and agricultural community. In the last decade, Davie’s population has boomed to more than 106,000 permanent residents, an increase of 14 percent. Holste boasts that the growth was by design, noting, “We’ve grown exponentially since then; over the past 10 years we’ve seen that growth as part of our economic development. We’ve been focused on a balanced tax base. The focus has been evenly split between residential, education, medical, and industrial, and taking advantage of our proximity to Port Everglades and the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.” In the 1990s, the South Florida Education Center