Conewago Manufacturing LLC

that they didn’t have to, but they did anyway, which helped everybody out. These swift actions kept the business rolling at a time when a lot of people were slowing down.” Looking ahead five years from now, both executives are clear about one thing; the company will not have compromised on the quality of its product, safety of its workers, and ensuring its customers’ visions become a reality. Regarding automation, Smith conveys the following message: “Our investment in automation will not result in a reduced workforce. Our outlook on this is to give us the capacity to ramp up production quickly, especially when repeat customers come with new projects. In such cases, it is challenging to scale up a workforce quickly, but with the right automation in place, we can easily increase capacity.” The company also hopes to increase in size and reach more customers in the area, something they plan to do without sacrificing their core values. PREFERRED VENDOR n Machitech Automation Beamcut Systems | For almost 20 years, Machitech has manufactured custom CNC Cutting Systems of the highest quality, meeting the various needs of our clients. Our team of experts have installed over 1,500 CNC Plasma Tables, Fiber Laser systems, Pipe Cutting Systems and CNC Robotic Cutting Cells throughout North America and Europe.