Comstock Construction

COMSTOCK CONSTRUCT ION the company’s core service and it offers other services extending to adjacent service areas like construction management, design-build, and project planning and development. As a full-service commercial construction company, Comstock Construction undertakes jobs in most industrial sectors. More recently, the company has positioned itself to offer value-added facility management services to its clients. Kevin Koppang, Comstock Construction’s General Manager, explains. “Having completed multiple projects, we saw an opportunity to offer our clients additional value through facility management services. For example, through an ongoing facility management agreement with a client, we fix things like leaking roofs and broken doors. We also assist with long-term upgrade planning, saving the client time and money as they do not have to look for a general contractor every time they need such work done.” Comstock Construction was founded in 1924 by Clark Morrell Comstock. In the begining, the company provided barn straightening and small residential services, which amounted to general contracting work at the time. By the second and third generations from 1945 to 1972, which saw the company leadership transition to Lynn Comstock and Robert (Bob) Comstock, respectively, the company was undertaking more commercial projects in the region , laying the foundation for Comstock Construction, Inc., a commercial construction company registered in 1976. Today, Comstock Construction has three locations – company headquarters in Wahpeton, General Manager, Kevin Koppang