A&C with clients. Because it’s highly customized, usually there would be a lot of face-to-face meetings and dialogue amongst our teams. That’s completely changed. We communicate via video conferencing and we use a project management software which allows our customers real- time access and data to follow our projects. Everyone is adapting and learning – our team has embraced it and our customers have as well.” BVM: Looking ahead, what are the main objectives for A&C? O’Rourke: “We’re in the middle of a strategic planning process, identifying goals for the team and the group. They include continued growth and expanding our footprint into different regions. We’ve a very strong and vibrant culture within our team, and embedding the new staff into that positive culture and the PSO approach is very important.” Miron: “We will continue our selling position, making sure we support our customers and see where we can expand to other projects with the facilities we have.” McCracken: “The market will dictate to a certain degree and we will put our best foot forward and position ourselves. But we definitely want to be our customers’ preferred service provider of custom GMP ingredients and process solutions for the global life science industry. We can’t be everything to everyone and we have to focus those efforts with the right industry partners and provide them with our services.”