4Front Credit Union

4 Front Credit Union M ergers are commonplace among credit unions. Like any business or financial institution, credit unions can merge as part of a business growth strategy, or a means to implement a business strategy. But unlike traditional bank mergers that may potentially embed a competitive agenda, reduce lending, or shrink assets, 4Front Credit Union is that rare end-product of what happens when two member-centric cooperatives find each other, come together, and organize themselves to advance the collective interest. 4Front Credit Union is located in Traverse City, Michigan (whose name comes from the bordering Grand Traverse Bay where 18th- century French explorers made their “long crossing”– la grande traverse – from Northwood to Northport). The backstory of 4Front CU, much like the context of its historic location, is steeped in AT A GLANCE 4FRONT CREDIT UNION WHAT: Experience-based community credit union WHERE: Traverse City, Michigan WEBSITE: www.4frontcu.com Truly member-centric