4Front Credit Union

local healthcare, and elsewhere,” Kempf adds. “Members wanted to help out with all that, but we didn’t have an avenue for them to really do it, other than to just drop it into an account. In the first quarter of 2021, we plan on launching a foundation. We’ll be able to provide a tax- deductible way for the public, even businesses, to give bigger dollars back to the community where they’re needed, whether that be for at- risk children, financial literary, healthcare, or any other community stewardship prerogative that merits them.” Today, 4Front Credit Union encompasses the same notion of partnership of responsibility that inspired its inception through merger five years ago. “The promise of that original partnership was offering the best of both worlds” says Carey. “We wanted to deliver the big bank technology with the community financial institution personality. That might sound a little bit cliché, but it seems to guide us in virtually all our decisions. We talk a lot about experiences and how it’s incumbent upon us to value the experiences that have brought our members to us. And it’s important for us to value the experiences we offer them once they’ve found us.” 4FRONT CREDI T UNION