Vermeer Midwest

PREFERRED VENDORS n Larson Cable Trailers, Inc. Larson Cable Trailers Inc., based in Huron, South Dakota, manufactures products used for handling and transporting fiber optics, cable, and hose. The company was founded by Rick Larson, who was searching for a reel trailer for his underground utilities contractor business, Larson Digging, Inc., that could not only lift cable reels, but also “figure 8” and rewind cable. When he couldn’t find a trailer that suited him, he built one, instead. Rick applied his years of experience in burying cable to come up with a solution that would work in the real world. Larson Cable Trailers are designed to improve efficiency so workers can lay more cable in less time. Some of the various options on different trailers allow them to do the following: lift cable reels; rewind cable; load equipment with ramps; level wind, winch, haul, and dump rock/dirt; drill with auxiliary hydraulics; and figure 8 and rewind fiber optic cable. As a company, Larson Cable Trailers is dedicated to advancing the designs of its trailers. While it is always refining and improving its products, it is also busy developing brand new features and uses. It does this to create the most efficient, easy-to-use cable trailers that are more than just cable trailers. The company’s most common attachment is the Figure 8 Assembly, which is used when unspooling a reel of fiber optic cable. That attachment has been tested and approved as a safe method of figure 8’ing fiber by many of the cable manufacturers. It has also recently released a new Tension Monitoring device which monitors the pulling force being put on the fiber optic cable. This gives contractors piece of mind knowing they did not over-pull the cable. Other attachments include a Quick Luber, a Dumpster Attachment, a Level Winder, a Fiber Blowing Attachment, an Adjustable Pole for Fiber Blowing, Loading Ramps, a Portable Hydraulic Power Pack, a Figure 8 Stand, and a Tension Brake. The relationship with Vermeer Midwest began in 2012, and has been a successful one for both companies. According to Rick Larson, “Larson Cable Trailers are more than just a cable trailer, they are designed for improved efficiency to help you lay more cable in less time!” n ProAction Fluids ProAction is the pioneer of pre-dosed, conveniently packaged products for the horizontal directional drilling industry. PAF products are designed to increase drilling efficiency through easy-to-mix and versatile products, simplified recipes, and shortened mix times. Today, thanks to distributors like Vermeer Midwest, ProAction products can be found at more than 100 locations in the United States and growing internationally. With thousands of successful drills ProAction Fluids has products that fit any operation’s needs.