City of Rancho Mirage, California

California Edison.All of our buildings are on solar energy and we have a solar rebate program. “A recent acquisition of nearly one square mile in the middle of our City is being considered for a large-scale development inclusive of a recreational lagoon feature- similar to the lagoon project at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.This could be a venue for kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming, etc., sur- rounded by resorts and ancillary commercial and residential development, along with a trail system. “Rancho Mirage adopted a five-year,Master IT plan that we’re about halfway through. It includes paperless invoicing and permitting, to make it easier for our residents and people doing business in our city.We’re focused on data security, significant GIS applications for internal and external use, so the public can easily find anything about their property they want to that’s offered from a public standpoint; if they’re in a floodplain area, or school district -all sorts of information. CITY OF RANCHO MIRAGE, CALIFORNIA Sea West Enterprises has been in business since 1977 and continues to be successful in a wide variety of commercial, institutional, and scientific devel- opment projects. Our experienced team is committed to completing projects on time and on budget through strong communication and attention to the detail. We look forward to the opportunity to make your vision a reality. CITY OF RANCHO MIRAGE LIBRARY OBSERVATORY Ground up construction of research grade observatory with 0.7 meter telescope. Including observing deck, cosmic office and associated underground utilities. PREFERRED VENDOR: n Sea West Enterprises, Inc. “We’re creating a city app for the first time that will allow us to communicate with our residents and offer more efficient ways of learning about what’s going on in our city and accessing resources and data.We’re completely redesigning our website to be integrated cohesively with the app so it will have the same look and feel with enhanced functionality. “Like everywhere else,we are challenged with trying to identify what the future of brick and mortar retail will look like, so, from a commercial aspect, that world is changing. Dining is still very popular, as are our resorts, so we’re seeking experience-based activi- ties,which is what people are looking for.” Clearly, Rancho Mirage is a special community, and one that promises the seasoned traveler, as well as its residents, the perfect combination of luxury, value, and access to some of North America’s finest golf, spa, cultural, educational, and dining experiences right in the Heart of the Palm Springs Valley.