City of Rancho Mirage, California

A RESORT LIFESTYLE R ancho Mirage, population 18,000, is best known as a resort community in the Palm Springs valley, 134 miles east of Los Angeles.The Los Angeles/San Diego corridor is the drive market for its tourist industry, for those not flying in. Boasting an outdoor resort lifestyle--golf, tennis, din- ing, horse communities–Rancho Mirage is blessed with many unique properties of mid-20th-centurymodern architecture, and interior and landscape design. Though not a boom area, but rather one with consistent, slow, and steady growth, Rancho Mirage is trending younger,with many seeking a nicer qualityof life.DesertX,a site-specific contemporaryart exhibition,and the Cochella and StagecoachMusic Festivals are among the cultural activities gaining trac- tion for the community.Also of note is Sunny- lands Center and Gardens,a 200-acre estate currently run byTheAnnenberg Foundation Trust,where President Obamamet with Presi- dent Xi for a US-China summit in 2013. “We don’t want to bite off more than we can chew,” says Sean Smith, Rancho Mirage’s AT A GLANCE CITY OF RANCHO MIRAGE, CALIFORNIA WHAT: A resort community WHERE: Palm Springs valley, 134 miles east of Los Angeles WEBSITE: RANCHO MIRAGE City of California