The New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Most importantly, however, Noel says that he’s most eager to get the airfield in as good shape as possible so that it can re-apply for a Part 139 certificate from the FAA, which it had prior to Katrina, in order to, once again, attract a commer- cial carrier. “We’re working with the FAA and the State Department of Transportation of Louisiana to focus on airport improvement,” he asserts. “We serviced our parallel runway in the past two years and we have a major runway rehabilitation coming up in the next two years. And we’re going to endeavor to get all of the taxiways upgraded and get all the lighting systems upgraded.” Meanwhile, Lakefront will continue to operate as the only GA and business airport within Orle- ans Parish, and with two FBOs, three charter ser- vices, two aircraft service and repair companies, a customs facility to facilitate international flights, two flight schools, and an aircraft rescue and fire fighting station, one of the busiest airports in the State of Louisiana. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A DEMO Spencer Stewart Director of Airport Sales | 805.245.9050 AirportIQ Business & Revenue Manager (ABRM) helps manage nearly all aspects of your airport’s aeronautical, commercial, and space usage activity, allowing you to pinpoint the most eective means to manage, track, and generate revenue. AirportIQ Safety & Operations Compliance System (ASOCS) reports critical activity, incident, safety, and inspection information in compliance with FAR Part 139 regulations across airport divisions and to external agencies such as the FAA. 2021 LAKESHORE DRIVE, NEW ORLEANS 70122 | GCRINCORPORATED.COM Proud Partner of the New Orleans Lakefront Airport Ralph Hennessy, C.M. Department Manager, Aviation 225-218-2822 2600 Citiplace Drive, Suite 450 • Baton Rouge, LA 70808 We Make a Difference THE NEWORLEANS LAKEFRONT AIRPORT PREFERRED VENDORS n GCR Inc. n Michael Baker International, Inc.