New Castle, Pennsylvania

N ewCastle is a city in, and the county seat of, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. It is located at the confluence of the Shenango River and Neshannock Creek, approximately 50 miles north- west of Pittsburgh, near the Pennsylvania/Ohio bor- der.The town was originally laid out in 1798 by John Carlysle Stewart, a civil engineer who had traveled to western Pennsylvania to resurvey the “donation lands,”which had been reserved for veterans of the RevolutionaryWar. Business began to flourish in NewCastle in the early 19th century with the construction of its canal system,which made its way through the city.Nu- merous manufacturing plants located there because of the availability of transportation facilities and ready access to rawmaterial markets.The canal sys- temwas later supplemented, and then replaced, by railroads which offered greater speed and capacity for freight, as well as year round service. NewCastle became a city in 1869, and in the 1870s, a major hub of the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad.The population swelled from 11,600 in 1890, to 28,339 in 1900, and to 38,280 in 1910, as immigrants, particularly from Italy, flocked to RECAPTURING GLORY Pennsylvania New Castle, AT A GLANCE NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA WHAT: A city of 22,250 WHERE: At the confluence of the Shenango River and Neshannock Creek in western Pennsylvania WEBSITE: