G Fedale Roofing & Siding

to hire additional technicians and from there, each year, we were seeing five to ten per- cent growth.” Today, G Fedale Roofing & Siding has approximately 65 employees and four loca- tions. “We we have an office in North Wales, which is in Montgomery County, Pennsyl- vania,” says Glenn. “We have an office in Chadds Ford, Penn- sylvania. Our biggest office is in Newport, Delaware, and we also have an office in Lewes, Delaware.” Adam believes that what differentiates the company from the competition are its core values, which are derived from the letters of the Fedale family name: “F” is for Fam- ily-oriented. “We try to treat every customer like we would treat our family members,” he states. “That starts at taking the call.We train our office personnel to speak kindly over the phone, and we make sure our estimators are treating people with respect and pro- fessionalism.” “E” stands for Excellence. “We shoot for the excellent way to do things,”Adam con- tinues. “I remember stories about showing up at houses G FEDALE ROOFING & SIDING and hearing, ‘This is how the other contractor left it and he said, “It’ll be fine.”’ And that’s totally foreign to us.When we leave the job, we want to leave it with excellence.We know no human be- ing is perfect, and we may fall below that bar, but we have the bar set there, as opposed to many of our competitors.” “D” is for Dedication. The company is dedicated to ensuring the job is done right. It stands behind its work and provides warranties that give its customers peace of mind for many years to come, and, if necessary, the company will go beyond what the warranty covers. G Fedale Roofing & Siding’s dedication to its customers has earned it an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which also gave the company its Torch Award for Ethics in 2015. “A” is for Attitude. “We try to do it all with a posi- tive attitude,”Adam avers. “You can’t be hemming and hawing when you’re working with a client and expect it to be other than a miserable experi- ence. It’s amazing how having a positive attitude goes a long way.” “L” stands for leadership. “We set that from the top down,”Adam notes. “Glenn, our brother Allen, and I wouldn’t expect our employees to do some- thing any differently than we would deal with it ourselves. That’s garnered a lot of respect from our employees because they know that.” Finally, there’s “E” which stands for experience. “We’re thankful to be able to say that we have certifications from some of the best manufactur- ers in the world,”Adam explains. “GAF, for instance, the largest manufacturer of roofing in the world,