Fresno Yosemite International Airport

“The key to all of this,” Meikle insists, “is that we looked to what our financial capabilities are with- in industrymetrics, and we looked at the need and then we ‘right-sized’ the project to our funding capa- bilities and our needs. In other words,we did not say we need thousands of parking spaces for a parking garage.No.We decided to do 600 and that will get us through the next eight to ten years and then we need these two gates and a new international facility.Our biggest market is actually the Guadalaja- ra region in Mexico.We are, perhaps, the only airport in the United States where our number one market is to a foreign country. So we right-sized the project based on our funding capabilities and meeting the needs over the next ten years.” Focusing on steady growth, as well as under- standing and targeting its market, has helped make the Fresno Yosemite International Airport a success story with many more achievements to come. PREFERRED VENDORS n Unison Consulting n CSHQA    n HMMH    n Amadeus n SP+ Corp.   FRESNO YOSEMITE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Finance & Economics | Retail Concessions | Research Program Management | Information Systems Enabling the Complex Business of Airports Since 1989 Extraordinary airports don’t happen by chance. 312.988.3360 | Our innovators are working with airports to realize a bright vision of the future and deliver tomorrow’s most satisfying travel experiences. C M Y C M M Y C Y CM Y K Business View 110218_Unison Ad.pdf 1 11/2/2018 1:34:27 PM Aviation Noise | Land Use Compatibility Air Quality | NextGen Evaluation | NEPA Sustainability | Stakeholder Outreach PROVIDING INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER FUTURE Proudly serving the City of Fresno since 2004 SP+ operates airport parking facilities that efficiently accommodate travelers, even during the busiest travel seasons. We have a proven track re- cord of identifying operating efficiencies, reducing expenses, increasing revenues, and enhancing the customer experience. We also offer to airports, marketing programs to support their parking businesses. From custom signage to direct emails to consumers, on-line reservations to SEO-drive parking guide, we get the word out and bring customers in. Our dedicated Airport services division with over 65 years of airport-specific parking experience are experts at understanding and addressing the unique demands of an airport environment. Airport Parking & Transportation Facility Maintenance Revenue Control Frequent Parker Programs Jason Finch, Senior Vice President SP+ has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with the Fresno Yosemite International Airport and we look forward to many more years providing parking services throughout the Airport’s continued expa sion.