E nlinx is a Salt Lake City-based, logistics and product fulfillment company that serves the Apparel, Dietary Supplement, Health and Beauty, Electronics, and Paper Products industries. It was founded in 2011 by its current CEO, Dave Burns, whose team won a bid to take over the operations of a former FranklinCovey warehouse. “We won the bid and that gave us our first cus- tomer,” he recounts. “We worked hard to bring on new clients and landed a key one: Stance Socks. They were a small company at the time we took them on, but they grew very rapidly and that helped Enlinx grow and secure more new clients in various industries.” From the beginning, Burns and team have worked hard to provide “Perfect Delivery” for their growing list of clients. “Perfect Delivery is like a three-legged stool,” he explains. “It needs Accu- racy, Speed, and Transparency.With our focus on providing Perfect Delivery the business grew and we turned our attention to developing the oper- ational culture needed to support our growth.We came up with five Core Values: Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Leadership and asked all of our employees to embrace these values. By pushing the core values and focusing on our passion of Perfect Delivery we moved down the trail of intelligently and systematically growing the business.” One of the biggest areas of transition was the IT environment. The systems in use were suffi- cient but couldn’t sustain the growth initiatives A PASSION FOR PERFECT DELIVERY AT A GLANCE ENLINX WHAT: A logistics and product fulfillment company WHERE: West Valley City, Utah WEBSITE: www.enlinx.com