WHERE ENERGY IS MADE HUMAN 5 was formed in 2011 with a single mission–to help people.Today, the company sets the standard for energy advisory firms in North America, providing advice to clients on electricity and natural gas procurement, riskman- agement, demand-side management, and distributed generation options. 5’s team of energymarket innovators, engineers, com- modity traders, technologists, and busi- ness development professionals is united by a common purpose to deliver cutting-edge energy solutions for its clients. Manybooks on leadership denote the number 5 as the pinnacle of achievement. That’s why the company’s founders named their energyfirm“5”–as a simple reminder of what they’re striving for in all aspects of the business.Turns out,it’s also a great con- versation starter.And here’s a fun fact– 5 owns the trademark for the number 5 in the energy industry,an expression of their desire to always competewith“what’s possible.” Among its innovative technological achievements, 5 created a proprietary transactional portal and large data repos- itory called Level5.This system hosts mar- AT A GLANCE 5 WHAT: Energy advisory firm WHERE: Irving, Texas WEBSITE: www.energyby5.com