Town of Riverhead, New York

received numerous responses for its Request for Qualifications for the new property. Further additions include eco-friendly initiatives, like the town’s affordable Pedal Share $4-per-hour bike rental program with four dock locations, 350 acres approved for solar power, and another 200 acres pending. The town’s rapid redevelopment seamlessly blends its historic past with its state-of-the- art future. One side of town has one of the nation’s oldest opera houses, Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, while the other side has the U.S.’s first 3D-printed concrete house built by SQ4D Inc. Riverhead was also one of the first towns in Long Island to have wineries established in the 1980s, many of which are located on the North Fork and still going strong. “They are flourishing, and the agritourism that comes as a result of that is just phenomenal,” says Thomas. Aguiar agrees, noting, “The town is going through its renaissance, something we have not seen here in 30 years. We’re doing things that other towns haven’t done.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Clear River Environmental